Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions

Through different healing techniques Amanda can assist you to move forward with your life through understanding and clearing blocks, beliefs, judgements and programs that are stopping you in any area such as relationships, business and health.

Healing modules include Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring, Healing and Theta Healing.

The service Amanda provides is individual to each client.  Amanda works with you on an individual basis to look at any issues you have and decide what would be the most suitable treatment or mixture of treatments to assist you to move forward.

Amanda often teaches practical steps that you could then continue to use after the session to improve your overall mental, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing. These can include grounding and centering together with techniques for clearing include using tools like sound and crystals.


  1. Feel more connected to yourself, to source and others around you
  2. Feel empowered, inspired, lighter and uplifted
  3. Achieve peace of mind
  4. Achieve internal stability
  5. Feel happier and that you can cope with your life

Amanda works both practically and intuitively by placing hands both on and off the body. This is a fully clothed treatment, which takes place on either the couch or the chair. Healing is secular with no religious or spiritual beliefs necessary. It also does not discriminate by age, sex, class or religion.

Amanda was accredited at the College of Psychic Studies and offers healings there on a Wednesday between 2pm – 6.30pm and on a Thursday between 3pm – 6.30pm. Amanda is also available for private consultations. Please use the contact form.

To book an appointment with Amanda at the College of Psychic Studies please phone 020 7589 3292. www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk