House Clearings

Houses like people can need clearing. Houses can carry the blueprint and energy of all the people who have lived in the house and who also helped to construct the house. The energy of the land the house was built on also needs to be cleared at times. Often through intention we can do the clearing of our houses ourselves but there are times when there are energies and spirits that need to be moved on when it is easier to have someone professional to come in to do the clearing for you. This could be when you have moved to a new place, when you want to sell your place or when you are aware that there are energies that are not quite right within the place where you live.

Distant house clearances often work but where there are spirits within the house or difficult energies Amanda will need to come to your place to do the clearing. This is charged by the hour but realistic time needs to be set aside for the work to be done. Amanda will travel but this will need to be discussed.