Spiritual Response Therapy Basic Class

Spiritual Response Therapy Basic Class

Spiritual Response Therapy (SPR) is a spiritual healing system that clears our soul records from past lives enabling us to move forward in our current life. Within this basic class you will learn to clear yourself and close friends and family only. This course is not certified. Certification is gained through doing the SRT Advanced Class.

This is a three day structured class in which a lot of healing occurs. It is an intense enjoyable class.

The course runs daily from 9am – 6pm. The price is £330. This includes the book, a folder of class notes and all the charts that you need.

You will learn:

  1. How to connect and work with your Higher Self
  2. Clear the thirteen basic programs such as self punishment
  3. Clear negative energies from past lives
  4. Clear blocks, judgements and fears that are holding you back
  5. Learn about your soul family and keeping them clear
  6. How to use the pendulum
  7. ..and a whole lot more!