Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a simple and quick process.

SRT clears programs, blocks, negativity and limiting beliefs that keep you from moving forward, enjoying life and expressing yourself fully. It is your soul records which store your individual karma that we are clearing. It can enable you to fulfil your highest potential and start to live your dreams.


  • Creates abundance – health, happiness and wealth
  • Creates and enhances love and relationships
  • Clears phobias and fears
  • Clears repeating patterns
  • Clears blocks that stop you moving forward in your life

Most people notice a difference instantly and usually leave the sessions feeling lighter and calmer.

The process involves using charts and dowsing with a pendulum to access your Higher Self and to identify programs that need clearing from your subconscious, so that healing and change can occur. There are thirteen main programs that originate from past lives and include self-punishment, conflict, inheritance, identification, imprint, experience trauma, benefit, organ language, past lives, past lives in other dimensions, future lives and fear.

The subconscious is where we store discordant energies from negative emotions, beliefs and judgements that we hold onto. It is these that hold us back and stop us moving forward in our lives. They can carry forward lifetime after lifetime stopping us from living a joyful life.

SRT does not clear any positive past lives – only those in which we held onto the emotions attached to events that happened to us. All events are neutral and it is the energy we attach to events such as anger, grief, abandonment that causes us pain and suffering.



SRT can be done one to one, on skype, by phone or distantly. Distantly means Amanda would clear without the client being present and send through an MP3 file with the ‘research’ or what came up on it.

If done in person, you remain clothed and seated while the treatment is administered.

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