“Amanda helped put me in touch with the greatness of my spiritual power and stood with me whist I faced my fears and continued with my development. Her open and positive mind helped lead me to a place where I am happy and grateful for my intuition and my gifts” Sara Sherwood, Artist

‘It is just wonderful to come to someone who intuitively know the most effective treatment necessary, be it SRT, Theta or SpR.  The SRT sessions have completely changed my life, making me a happy contended person.  From the sessions, I decided that I wanted to learn the modality and Amanda has proved a patient, compassionate and gifted teacher.  I am now, thanks to her, a confident practitioner.  The last time I saw Amanda, she knew right away that I needed some help with my work situation and Theta Healing would suit the situation perfectly.  As soon as I returned to work, I could feel and see the difference in the situation and now find myself very calm and positive among the turmoil.

I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough both as a practitioner and as a teacher.’   Michele Chiabaud

‘Thank you so much for my sessions on SRT. I really do appreciate and value the work you have done with me. After the first session I felt different, more in tune with life, able to cope with anything, and not so alone. The therapy session really has had the most amazing and wondrous effect on my life bringing positive experiences on a daily basis. I am no longer   suffering from the terrible chest pains and feel as though my body has been revitalised. ‘   Jaccquie Ballard

‘Amanda is truly amazing her insight and wisdom are remarkable. She instinctively and intuitively knows what needs to be healed. During our session Amanda removed negative energy, behaviours and patterns, past life memories and pacts, and ancestral conditioning that no longer serve me. To do this by myself would have taken years of soul searching and a lot of counselling/therapy. She speaks the truth, on hearing her words you instinctively know this, the body also acknowledges the truth and releases the memory the benefits are felt instantly. My life is richer emotionally and spiritually from this experience. After the session I felt lighter and empowered. Thanks to Amanda I now know who I truly am and my true purpose in life.

For anyone seeking to better their life, the truth, or wish to experience their true selves and higher purpose I highly recommend Amanda.’     Amanda Benning